Fermented Natural Flavors

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Produced from bacterial fermentations  and designed to enhance the savoury flavour profiles, Bioenhance round out flavour, mouthfeel and increases salty by providing a clean savoury flavour and intense Umami effect. Ii is also suited for flavour masking. 

Bioenhance is natural, Non GMO and GMO Free.


Derived from bacterial fermentation with a specific organic acids composition, peptides and other natural compounds, Biogard is the line of natural flavours suited to improve products quality and profitability by enhancing the flavour profile of formulations.  

Biogard is natural, NON GMO, GMO Free.

Biosavor BioSavour is a natural flavour designed to be used in low dosage that fulfills the demand for mild, natural, clean flavour and boosts the taste of Umami, providing body, mouthfeel while reducing sodium of formulations.